Today the human communication is made with the help of machines. We in TURN DIGITAL push the machines to advertise for humans.

Our Services

From web to mobile and to aircraft fleets. We advertise for you almost anywhere. You name it.
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Mobile Advertising Solutions

Simple as that: CPC, CPM, CPI, CPA. We provide a wide range of mobile advertising inventories, from large volumes and awareness campaigns to precise location based mobile campaigns with live in-banner distance to brick & mortar location. Everything you need, à la carte.

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Cross-platform Performance Campaigns

Want to properly convert advertisements into leads and new customers? Then you should let us prove you how we can bring ROI from Cross-platform Performance Campaigns, with user profiling and a mix of Facebook Exchange, Keyword Triggered Desktop Ads and Mobile In-apps Premium Audiences.

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In-flight Advertising Solutions

Do you know that the average dwell time over in-flight advertisements is of 45 minutes and that the unaided recall rate is at least 93%? We provide a wide range of in-flight advertising formats like rich Onboard Graphics Display, Boarding Passes Branding, In-flight Video Ads or Intranet Banner formats. All these through our exclusive international partnerships.

We work with top partners within the Digital Communications ecosystem and In-flight Advertising field. From US to APAC, we value our partners since day 1 of working together.

TURN DIGITAL was founded in 2010 as a communication solutions provider and since then we offer our services to both media agencies and direct brands from various industries in the Central & Eastern European region.
A team with a gathered experience in media & advertising of more than 20 years.

A strong business and a strong team are built by mixing a series of ingredients. And you have to know the right mix in order write successful stories.

We know that good skills and best practices are those that will define your business from the moment you served your first client.

We know that without know-how you couldn't apply those skills. Know-how is key.

We also know that flexible means reliable. We are flexible so that our clients receive top of the line communication services.

And let's not forget about imagination. As Einstein was saying, "imagination embraces the entire world, and all there ever will be to know and understand".

History is built through battles. With us, with the ones surrounding us or with our limits. You have to go limitless if you want to write history.

Any thoughts, any ideas or inquiries you may have, just write them down here. We help you drive more customers to your business.